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GNSO Wrap-Up Session

Coordinator: Excuse me, this is the operator. Just need to inform all parties today's conference is being recorded, if there are any objections you may disconnect your line at this time.

Stephane Van Gelder: Hello everyone. Welcome to the GNSO Council Wrap-Up. Can I ask councilors that are in the room to try and grab some lunch as quickly as they can so that we can start the meeting and we'll look to start in about five minutes.

So GNSO councilors please start getting some lunch. Thank you. And everyone else obviously.

Okay GNSO councilors can I ask you to get to the table as soon as you can please and we'll start the meeting. I know there are other meetings that people want to get to afterwards so I'd like to start as soon as possible. Thank you.


Stephane Van Gelder: Okay welcome everybody. Can I please ask the operator to start the recording? Can I ask the GNSO councilors to take a seat and we will start his wrap-up. As a reminder the wrap up is more of an informal discussion than something with a set agenda.

Public Participation Committee

Chris Disspain: For those of you sitting at the back of the room or the side of the room, you are very welcome to come to the table, if you would like to.

Sebastien Bachollet: I confirm. Please take a seat around this table. It is very important to have us in front of -- to have you in front of us, with us.

There is plenty of room on the other side of the room, and please come. Please go to the table. It's the only way we will be able to engage.

Okay. Please take a seat. We will start in one minute. We will be two minutes late, but I think the people are still coming in, and we have to figure out how technically we will give you the presentation, but as soon as it's done, we will start.

Great. Thank you very much. Everything is ready except a few people are still waiting to be seated but there is plenty of room for everybody. Please take a seat around the table. It is important. Really, please, take a seat around the table. The people who are far from us will be difficult to engage and we would like to engage you in some discussion today.

GAC Discussion on New gTLDs (Part 2)

CHAIR – HEATHER DRYDEN: Hello again, everyone. If we can begin to take our seats again, we'll continue with our work.

Let's restart our meeting. So what I propose to do this afternoon is continue the discussion about new gTLDs. And then, at the very end, we have some GAC business to take care of. And we can go back into a
short closed session just to deal with those items. Regarding new gTLDs, let's see whether, at this point, we are able to begin exchanging about some of the topics that we just heard about and had questions
about before the break and see whether it's possible for us to formulate thoughts or the beginnings of advice that we might want to give on those topics that would go into our communique this week. We did
have a fair number of questions around process and timing for current elements. But I would like to see whether we're in a position to begin formulating on some advice on those same topics at this point. So we
can see how that develops.

GNSO all-day working session

GNSO Working Session, ICANN 43, 10:00-18:00, Saturday 10 March 2012

[Copy of transcript, chat transcript and audio available on 10 March 2012 GNSO working session page]

Ongoing and Pending Projects (10:00-10:30)

Stephane van Gelder: So welcome everyone to Costa Rica. Welcome to the new council members joining us for the first time for this meeting. Welcome to the - I'm not going to say old - existing council members. Nice to see you all once again. Look forward to a week of productive work with you all. Welcome to our excellent staff support and welcome to everyone else in the room obviously who are joining us for these meetings.

I will probably have some housekeeping issues as we get into the morning but let's try and get the meeting started now as swiftly as we can and we'll come back to those throughout the day.


Stephane Van Gelder: Okay. Can I ask Councilors to come back to the table please and we will start in a couple of minutes. Thank you.

Okay. Welcome back everyone. Sorry for the slight delay. We will start the new gTLD session immediately. Just looking back, operator, yeah, we're all good. So we have the ICANN new gTLD team here; Kurt Pritz. We have Karen Valente. We have Karla Valente, sorry. (Lance) is also here. And I see (Dan) over there. So the full team is with us.

And just before we start, just to tell you that obviously there's an ongoing RFP as we all know. So I would ask you to avoid any specific questions on (time) to applications or anything like that. Obviously Kurt will not be in a position to answer any of them. So please don't ask them.

And having said that, I'll hand it over to Kurt.

Kurt Pritz: Yes. Smart. Brief panic there. Thanks everyone.

GAC-GNSO joint meeting

CHAIR DRYDEN: Good afternoon, everyone. If you could take your seats. I know we are already running very late. Again, could you please take your seats.

Okay. Thank you, everyone. First, our apologies for running late this
afternoon. Thank you for your patience. And we do value our
exchanges with the GNSO, so we're glad here to be having this exchange
with you today.

Next to me is the chair of the GNSO, Stephane van Gelder. And we have a proposal for three agenda items perhaps to prioritize, starting with
the IOC and Red Cross, so an update on that; and then secondly the
Registrar Accreditation Agreement negotiations; and then time
permitting, the WHOIS review team final report.

I would note in the GAC's discussions earlier, that we saw that there
were issues that were common to the discussions we've had around the
RAA negotiations, for example, with compliance. This was also an area
that was highlighted by the WHOIS review team.

Regarding the IOC and Red Cross, I could look to the GAC leads to
introduce that or we could begin with the GNSO.

Beckstrom opening ceremony speech ICANN Costa Rica

This is the text of the opening ceremony speech given by ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom at Costa Rica on 12 March 2012. It was notable for its closing where Beckstrom railed against conflicts of interest at the ICANN Board level and within the Nominating Committee.

The speech was met with some criticism. The .Nxt perspective is that Beckstrom had a fair point to make, but made it badly and in the wrong environment.

President's Report

President and Chief Executive Officer Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

43rd ICANN International Meeting
San José, Costa Rica
12 March 2012


We often say the Internet community is an ecosystem, and that is an effective way to convey its complexity and interdependence. So it is fitting that this week, the Internet community is gathering here in beautiful Costa Rica, where examples of stunning natural and complex ecosystems exist in abundance and harmony.

GAC Discussion on New gTLDs

CHAIR – HEATHER DRYDEN: Good afternoon. We're going to start in about 10 minutes. We had a delay with identifying staff to brief us this afternoon unexpectedly. I'll explain later. So in about 10 minutes we'll begin. Okay?

CHAIR – HEATHER DRYDEN: Good afternoon, everyone, if we could begin our plenary session this afternoon. So apologies for the delay in beginning our session.

For those newcomers to the GAC, it is a bit of a tradition that we don't quite manage to start on time. But Kurt Pritz, who was going to be presenting to us a bit later, has fallen ill. So we've been trying to
identify staff that could provide us an update on new gTLDs. So a couple of staff will be coming to join us in about 15 minutes.

So let's take care of some business items before then. And then, when they arrive, we can move to that session.

So welcome, everybody, to Costa Rica. And, as usual, if we can begin with some introductions around the table. And then we will begin the proper session. So I'm looking to my right. If I can ask you to begin,


IGF Advisory Group (MAG) summary and transcript

>>Chengetai Masango: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. We'll start the afternoon session now. If we can all sit down. Thank you.

>>Elmir Valizada: Ladies and gentlemen, we will start our afternoon session. According to our agenda, we will discuss the main theme and subthemes of our forum. Please have some suggestions and comments on these items.

Okay. I -- according to our procedure, I invite observers to comment, and after -- please.

>>Thank you, Mr. Chair. My name is Bertrand de La Chapelle. I’m on the ICANN Board but I’m also here connected with the International Diplomatic Academy.

I would actually like to make a comment that connects the session this afternoon with the discussion we had this morning.

Strickling speech at Silicon Flatirons Center

The following speech was given by US Assistant Commerce Secretary Larry Strickling at the Silicon Flatirons Center Conference in Boulder, Colorado on 12 February 2012. The conference was titled: "The Challenges of Internet Law and Governance".

[Read on the NTIA website]

Keynote Address by Assistant Secretary Strickling at Silicon Flatirons Center Conference

For the past two years, I have been the last speaker here at the Silicon Flatirons Conference. I would sit through all the panels and try to provide some overall synthesis of the conference as the closing speaker. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am unable to prepare remarks until the last minute—so it was fitting that I would be the speaker at the last minute.