Membership FAQ

.Nxt follows a membership, subscription model.

You can sign up as either an individual or companies can register groups of users and receive a discount.

Every individual will be provided with a unique login username and password as well as a user profile. When logged in, you will automatically be able to access .Nxt content and information services.

We also offer an Instant Access option that provides one week's worth of access to premium content. For those uncertain about signing up for a full year, we also offer an automatically renewed Monthly Pass which you can cancel at any time.

Here's more about why you should become a member.


Q1. I have registered for the site - does that make me a member?

A1. No. You are a registered user with the site which means things like commenting on articles will be much simpler, but unless you have purchased a membership, you will not have access to premium content.

Q2. I am logged-in, but I can't see the full article. How come?

A2. Either your membership has lapsed - in which case you need to renew it. Or you have never set your membership up and are a registered user (see above). If you have any problems, please do contact us at and we will get back to you to help sort out the issue.

Q3. How much is membership?

A3. Currently, individual membership is $1,000 per annum (or $125 per month). If your company wants multiple account, we have three different membership levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver will cover up to 5 users for $4,250; Gold, up to 10 members for $8,000; and Plantinum allows for up to 20 users for $15,000. Each membership level also comes with additional benefits that you can read on our Membership Options page.

We will be bringing more services online over time and plan to incorporate these into the membership plans.

As mentioned above, we also offer Instant Access to the site for a week for just $50. And we have a month-to-month membership option.

Q4. In the member benefits, you list "press releases" - what is this and how would my company use it?

A4. As a member benefit, we enable Silver, Gold and Platinum members to publish a certain number of press releases per year on the .Nxt website. We will provide a simple online form for this process and the idea is to provide members with an opportunity to get interesting and relevant news out to a broader audience.

We do retain final approval over the publication of the releases but so long as the release is relevant, accurate and raising no legal issues, we see this as offering a valuable opportunity for companies to provide information that may otherwise not be widely disseminated.

Q5. What about the events discount, webinars etc?

A5. We expect to run occasional conference, roundtables and webinars as a way to engage our members as well as bring the Internet policy and governance industries together in an independent and positive environment.

As a member, you will get access to these events either for free or at a reduced rate (the rate goes up according to membership level).

Q6. What is your refund policy?

A6. All purchases are final and non-refundable, in full or part.

Q7. Where can I direct any questions I have about membership?

A7. Please email us at