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8 April 2013

"GAC advice" will ask for new policies for certain applications

The five-year process for adding over 1,000 new extensions to the Internet is currently waiting on a final set of recommendations from the world's governments.

At ICANN's meeting taking place in Beijing, a range of last-minute issues covering the new gTLD process from contract changes to the protection of names and trademarks are being discussed.

The biggest impact on the process however will be "advice" from the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) that will require certain groups of applicants to introduce additional "safeguards" before they are approved to run a new extension.

6 April 2013

It's only the most important ICANN process you've never heard of

"ICANN is reviewing itself to death. So it would be nice to know why the current review process doesn't work."

There is a certain irony in the fact that ICANN Board member Chris Disspain was asking this of the organization's lead review team - the Accountability and Transparency Review Team, or ATRT.

Disspain is right though, as he often is when it comes to identifying the problems, many self-inflicted, that ICANN faces. He went on to identify a number of other structural and cultural issues, as well as spot where the organization had actually improved in the past year.

4 April 2013

Right of the Dot posts legal opinion decrying anti-trust suggestions

A fight over private auctions is disrupting efforts to resolve a large number of conflicting applications for new Internet extensions.

The latest missive in a battle over rights to dozens of new names on the Internet is a legal opinion commissioned by one of the main companies hoping to profit from such auctions.

3 April 2013

ICANN needs to get back to its technical mission before it does real damage to the Internet

It wasn't that long ago - in the days before new gTLDs took up every waking moment of its life - that the most frequent concern expressed about ICANN was "mission creep".

ICANN was set up to administrate the Internet's naming and numbering system, but continually found itself unwillingly pulled into other issues from trademark protection to market regulation, to privacy and legal enforcement concerns.

3 April 2013

DNS security and stability report big on bark, light on bite

Operator of the dot-com registry and the Internet's primary address book, Verisign, has warned that a plan to add hundreds of new Internet extensions over the next year may destabilize the domain name system if key issues are not addressed.

In a report from the company's technical labs to the organization running the "new gTLD" program, ICANN, the Internet infrastructure company warns that there could be "significant consequences" if the program does not address technical issues before the program launches that could "perhaps even destabilize global operations of the DNS".

8 March 2013

Camera maker follows Heinz and General Motors

Camera maker Olympus has become the latest household name to withdraw from the new gTLD process, pulling its only application for dot-olympus.

Olympus joins Heinz and General Motors in pulling out completely from plans to add over a thousand new Internet extensions in the next year, with the first due to be approved by the end of next month.

5 March 2013

Dot-heinz and dot-ketchup ditched weeks after buyout by Berkshire Hathaway

Buffett: Spends $28 billion; saves $130,000 by ditching Heinz gTLD applications.

Heinz has shelved its two new gTLD applications just three weeks after the company agreed to be bought out for $28 billion by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

4 March 2013

Announcement marks start of a busy year and changing industry

WhatBox? has announced it will use a joint collaboration of NameJet and Afternic to auction domain names under its dot-menu gTLD.

The announcement marks what will soon be an explosion in efforts to sell "premium" domain names to the highest bidder as well as encourage large businesses to register domains under certain extensions.

4 March 2013

A lot to discuss as the industry starts opening up

This time next week will be the first conference covering new gTLDs for some time - and it should be a good one.

28 February 2013

How the MAG is undermining the IGF's credibility

Despite increasing relevance in the uncertain post-WCIT world, the advisory group to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) remains incapable of fixing long-identified problems and is undermining its credibility.

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