Africa Region's proposals to the review of the ITRs

The following proposals were developed at the second Africa Region Preparatory Meeting for the WCIT-12 held in Durban, South Africa 21 to 24 May 2012.

The African Member States reserve their right to submit additional proposals and/or comments, and reserves their right to revise any of the submitted proposals as appropriate.

The proposals below are presented without prejudice to the African Region or African Member States proposals already submitted to CWG-WCIT12, which should not be modified or removed from the CWG-WCIT12’s compilation of proposals documents. Member States in the African Region reserve their right to modify or withdraw, in the future, proposals that they submitted to CWG-WCIT12.

NOC CWG/54/0.0

International Telecommunication Regulations

NOC CWG/54/0.1


Reasons: title and tile of Preamble remain unchanged.

MOD CWG/54/0.2

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