Draft structure of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (Dubai, 2012)


The work of the conference is broken up into five sub-committees. The substantive discussions will happen in Committee 5 - and the amount of work is such that two sub-committee of Committee 5 have been created. The most contentious areas (Articles 2, 6 and 9) have been given to the first (Working Group 1), and the rest to the other (Working Group 2).


It means that Working Group 1 of Committee 5 will be where the action is. It also shows that there is some intelligent analysis already of what the conference is going to discuss and that the difficult areas have already been identified.

1. Description

The Conference is required by statute to set up four committees.
[1] In addition, it is proposed to set up one substantive Committee to Review the International Telecommunication Regulations.

The committees may set up working groups (No. 63 and 64 of the General Rules). Working groups may work in parallel, with the exception of working groups of the substantive review committee. Working group may in turn create sub-working groups. The creation of working groups and sub-working groups should be limited in order to maintain a transparent conference structure and allow optimum performance.

The following terms of reference have been drafted within the framework of the Constitution and Convention and the Conference agenda. The agenda of the Conference appears in Council Resolution 1317 and is reproduced in Document 1 of the Conference.

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