United States of America's proposals for the review of the ITRs

What follows consists of TD52 with additional U.S. positions entered in yellow highlight. Additionally, several typos were discovered and U.S. proposals for correction of these typos is in green text; none of the typos were of great significance.

Editorial Note: this document is based on TD 43 Rev.3. It will be revised to include proposals submitted in contributions to the seventh meeting.
The proposed revisions to the ITRs have not been agreed.

The following table presents the proposals to be discussed by the CWG-WCIT12. The table has been simplified with respect to previous versions, taking into account decisions made by the group at the previous meeting, see item 5 of CWG-WCIT12/R – 5:

· It was agreed to produce a document that clearly identifies each option for each article, including the option of no change.

· It was agreed that the compilation of proposals could be simplified by combining similar proposals, reflecting differences and options.


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