CEPT contribution to the 7th CWG-WCIT12 meeting

This submission was developed by CEPT in preparatory meetings to the 7th Council Working Group meeting to Prepare for the 2012 WCIT (CWG WCIT-12) and takes in consideration document CWG WCIT-12 TD 52 (Draft compilation of options). TD 54 (First draft of the future ITRs) and TD 53 (First draft of structure revised ITRs) are also considered.

The submission includes three tables which address the following issues:

· Table 1: CEPT proposalsfor ADD, MOD or SUP that entail new alternative options;

· Table2: Positions on existing options identified in document TD 52;

· Table 3: Comments on proposals from other regions.

It should be noted that CEPT is still developing its views concerning some provisions / proposals. Those cases are identified as such.

CEPT reserves the right to revise its proposals in light of new CEPT proposals and assessments, as well as in light of the exchange of views that is taking place with other regions and Administrations in the process of the preparation for the WCIT-12.

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