Orientations for the review of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITR)

The Administration of the Russian Federation considers that the International Telecommunication Regulations need reviewing in order to take account of today's situation in this area on the international market for equipment and services.

To this end, we propose for consideration:

1) Basic orientations for review of the International Telecommunication Regulations.

2) Proposals for possible action in regard to WATTC-88 resolutions, recommendations and opinions.


International Telecommunication Regulations

Resolutions, recommendations, opinions 3

Preamble 4

Art. 1 - Purpose and scope of the regulations 4

Art. 2 - Definitions 4

Art. 3 - International network 5

Art. 4 - International telecommunication services 5

Art. 5 - Safety of life and priority of telecommunications 5

Art. 6 - Charging and accounting 6

Art. 7 - Suspension of services 6

Art. 8 - Security of telecommunication facilities and services. Quality of telecommunication services 6

Art. 9 - Special arrangements 6

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