Proposal regarding revision of articles 1.4 and 1.6 of the ITRs

Note this is the revised version of the document. The original was sent the same day.

1. Introduction:

Egypt noted contributions C71 by Portugal on behalf of CEPT countries, C67 of the Arab states and C60, C61 by Egypt on behalf of the African countries which proposed some new proposed clauses or comments regarding the ITRs. In this contribution, Egypt presents its views on some elements included in these proposals as well as clarifications to support Egypt proposals for some revisions of the ITRs.

It should be noted that EGYPT is still developing its views concerning some provisions/proposals. EGYPT reserves the right to revise its proposals in light of new EGYPT, ARAB or AFRICAN proposals and assessments, as well as in light of the exchange of views that is taking place with other regions and Administrations in the process of the preparation for the WCIT-12.

2. Discussion:

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