Proposal for revising Article 1 and Article 3 in "Building confidence and security in the use of information and communication technologies"


The Preamble of the ITU Constution fully recognized the sovereign right of each country to regulate its cybersecurity legal frameworks, and reiterated in the Preamble of the existing International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs).

The global community would be best served if the sovereign right of each country could be harmonized on the regulatory side that it would eminate in an acceptable and fair solution for all stakeholders. Due considerations should be taken into account, that service providers, parties and other stakeholders should gain benefit from each ICT development (nationally and or globally) causing direct or indirect global implications. Endeavors for business opportunities ignoring a fair distribution of revenue making and or fail in providing acceptable security measures and as far as possible recognizing the diverse national regulatory requirements, would jeopardize interalia the spirit of mutual cooperation and hence defeat the global cybersecurity and efforts in combating cybercrime.

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