ITU-T SG3 Contribution to CWG-WCIT12

In response to the liaison TSAG – LS 11, which “requests all ITU-T Study Groups to review the CWG-WCIT12 compilation of proposals (CWG-WCIT12/TD-43) and to report, within their defined scope of activities, to CWG-WCIT12, no later than 20 May 2012, regarding any work relevant to those proposals. Issues would include, but are not limited to, the following: charging and accounting, interconnection and interoperability, spam, quality of service, misuse of numbering resources, hubbing, alternative calling procedures and network security”, ITU-T Study Group 3 presents the following information:

1. In January 2009, SG3 approved a revision of Recommendation ITU-T D.93 – Charging and accounting in the international land mobile telephone service (provided via cellular radio systems)

2. In May 2010, SG3 approved:

a. Amendment 2 to Recommendation ITU-T D.000 – Definition of “hubbing”

b. Amendment 1 to Recommendation ITU-T D.156 – Practical implementation of Recommendation D.156

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