Arab States common proposals for the work of the conference

Note: this is a revised version the contribution. The original was sent on 23 August 2012.

Submitted by the following Member States:

Algeria (People’s Democratic Republic of), Bahrain (Kingdom of), Comoros (Union of the), Djibouti (Republic of), Egypt (Arab Republic of), Iraq (Republic of), Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of), Kuwait (State of), Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania (Islamic Republic of), Morocco (Kingdom of), Oman (Sultanate of), Qatar (State of), Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of), Somali (Democratic Republic of), Sudan (Republic of the), Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen (Republic of)

The Arab States common proposals were developed over several preparatory meetings of the Arab Group.

The proposals seek to find solutions in line with the views of the Arab Administrations to satisfy the various issues addressed by WCIT-12, within the framework of its agenda and scope.

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