Replacement of term administration

1. Introduction and background

In principle, we agree with the proposal made by Germany in C 53 to replace the term “administration”.

In this contribution, we propose to replace the term “administration*” either with the term “Member State” and/or with the term “operating agency”, as appropriate.

We propose not to use the term “recognized operating agency” (ROA) because that concept is no longer applied in many countries. The term “operating agency” covers both operators and recognize operators and is applicable also in countries that no longer “recognize” operators in the sense of the ITU’s definition of ROA. (The term “operating agency” as defined in the Constitution also includes government-owned operators.)

Only those provisions that include a change are shown. Provisions that are not shown do not include the term “administration*”.

This contribution presents the preliminary views of the Arab States on the basis of a first discussion. We reserve our right to revisit these proposals and to submit revised versions and/or additional or different proposals.

2. Proposal

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