Proposed revisions

1. Introduction and background

The Arab States held their first WCIT preparatory meeting in Dubai from 11 to 13 December 2011. As a result of discussions at that meeting, a certain number of revisions were agreed in principle.

This contribution presents the preliminary views of the Arab State on the basis of a first discussion. We reserve our right to revisit these proposals and to submit revised versions and/or additional or different proposals.

2. Proposal

During their first preparatory meeting; the Arab administrations at this stage agreed to initially adopt the following general principles in preparation of their contribution towards revising the ITRs:

1) ITRs complete the CS/CV; the relevant text (provisions and or articles) in the CS/CV should be transferred to the ITRs, as appropriate

2) Replace the term administrations/ROA with Member States and/or Operating Agency as appropriate, and (see German Proposal)

3) Strengthen the enforcement of the ITRs, and Member States and Operating Agencies obligations in implementing its provisions and resolutions

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