Contribution to the 6th meeting of the Council Working Group to Prepare for the WCIT-12 (CWG-WCIT12)

Note: the original source for this contribution was "Africa". This was changed in a correction to "Egypt on behalf of African countries". We have chosen to assign it to the later-agreed formula of "African Region".

Introduction and Background

AFRICA in this contribution indicates the core principles which in our view should guide the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) revision.

WCIT 2012 needs to take account of the changes in the international telecommunications environment since 1988. Among these are:

a) the privatization of telecoms operators in many countries

b) the growing trend of commercialization of telecommunication operations

c) the significant growing use of IP protocol to convey international traffic as well as overwhelming use of VoIP over high speed Internet connections

d) emergence of security threats to infrastructures as well as to individuals

e) instances of misuse of numbering, naming and addressing resources and of identification resources

f) increasing financial misappropriation/harm

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