African proposals to the review of the ITRs

Note: the original source for this contribution was "Africa". This was changed in a correction to "Egypt on behalf of African countries". We have chosen to assign it to the later-agreed formula of "African Region".

This is also a revised version of the contribution. The original was sent on 14 November 2011.

The following proposals were developed at the first African regional WCIT-12 preparatory meeting. The African region reserves the right to revise these proposals, which are still being studied within the region. Nevertheless, the Africa region felt that it would be of benefit to all ITU Member States to present these proposals to the February 2012 meeting of CWG-WCIT12.

The proposals below are presented without prejudice to the African proposals already submitted to CWG-WCIT12, which should not be modified or removed from consideration at this stage. Member States in the African region reserve their right to modify or withdraw, in the future, proposals that they submitted to CWG-WCIT12.

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