Proposal regarding Definition of Fraud

Egypt has recognized the contributions that propose adding the definition of Fraud to article 2 of the ITR, namely from the United Arab Emirates (CWG-WCIT12/C-49), Cuba (CWG-WCIT12/C-47), the Pacific Islands (CWG-WCIT12/C-41) and Study Group 3 Regional Group for Africa (CWG-WCIT12/C-43).

It has been noticed that the proposed definitions focus on fraudulent activities related to financial dimensions and the assurance of correct payment, Although, intentional misrepresentation of identity adds significantly to this problem, particularly with the increased use of the alternative calling procedures of international traffic including Hubbing where the call origin identifiers are not passed transparently or may be intentionally altered to mislead the destination party; it also causes other types of harm or disadvantage to the called party or to the terminating administration or operating agency or even the Member State, either actual or potential, thus it is proposed to address it explicitly in the definition.

Egypt supports the following definition which was supported in several contributions, with the addition of a :

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