CEPT Contribution to the 5th meeting of the CWG to Prepare for the 2012 WCIT (CWG-WCIT12)

Introduction and Background

In Contribution C35, submitted to the 4th Council Working Group meeting, CEPT indicated the core principles which in our view should guide the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) revision. The key principles are as follows:

· The ITRs should contain high level strategic and policy issues concerning international telecommunications services and facilities (and conversely should not contain technical and technology issues appropriate for Recommendations and other lower level instruments):

· The provisions should be flexible and sufficiently broad to apply over time;

· Overlaps with the CS/CV should be minimized;

· The existing basic structure of the ITRs should be maintained;

· Commitments made should be those which it is appropriate for Administrations to make at treaty level; and

· The rights of telecoms operators and service providers to exercise commercial choice and to have operational and technology freedom in providing international telecommunications services and facilities should be safeguarded.

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