Treatment of the Provisions of the Constitution and Convention related to the ITRs

It has been pointed out that some provisions of the current ITRs are similar to, or related to, provisions of the Constitution or Convention. Some Member States take the view that this situation is perfectly acceptable, other Member States take the view that it would be preferable to avoid overlap.

In particular, it has been proposed that such provisions be deleted from the ITRs so that they would be found only in the Constitution or Convention.

However, it has also been proposed that provisions that are currently found in the Constitution and Convention should be added to the ITRs in order to ensure that the ITRs are a self-contained document. If that is done, then it might be appropriate to consider whether to delete such provisions from the Constitution and Convention.

If the WCIT-12 agreed such an approach, then WCIT-12 could bring it to the attention of the 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference through a WCIT-12 Resolution. That Resolution could invite the Plenipotentiary Conference to consider the matter in light of the work of CWG-STB-CS and the revised ITRs adopted by WTCT-12.

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