Addition of Fraud Definition

In preparation for the CWG-WCIT12 meeting in September 2011, the United Arab Emirates considered the contribution submitted by the Pacific Islands (CWG-WCIT12/C-41), and the contribution submitted by the Study Group 3 Regional Group for Africa (CWG-WCIT12/C-43) containing a definition of fraud.

The United Arab Emirates supports the above contributions to CWG-WCIT12, which proposes to add the following definition to Article 2 of the ITRs:

2.16 fraud: use of any telecommunications facilities or services with the intention of avoiding payment, without correct payment, with no payment at all, by making someone else pay, or by using a wrongful or criminal deception in order to obtain a financial or personal gain from the use of those facilities or services.

Moreover, the United Arab Emirates is in line with proposal submitted by Cuba (CWG-WCIT12/C-47) to further complement this definition in the ITRs by identifying the scope of the commitments made by members in regard to this issue, by for example adding the following provisions to Article 6 of the ITRs:

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