Misuse of numbering resources and calling party identification

We entirely and fully associate ourselves with the proposals made by the United Arab Emirates in Contribution 30, and we reproduce those proposals verbatim below.

1. Introduction and background

1.1 Misuse of numbering resources

The misuse of numbering resources, and measures to combat such misuse, have been discussed in ITU-T Study Group 2 for several years. On the basis of those discussions SG2 approved in 2006 Recommendation E.156 on Guidelines for ITU-T action on reported misuse of E.164 number resources.

However, many countries felt that this action was not sufficient and the topic was further discussed at the WTSA in 2008. On the basis of those discussions, WTSA adopted Resolution 61 on Misappropriate of international telecommunication numbering resources.

While the measures provided for in E.156 and Resolution 61 are effective, they are not sufficiently effective and numbering misuse continues to occur, as can be seen from the following:

· Misuse reports at: http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/secured/misuse/tables.html

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