Further directions for revision of the ITRs

Telecommunications Administration of the Russian Federation considers that the International Telecommunication Regulations need reviewing in order to take account of today's situation in this area on the international market for telecommunication equipment and services.

TA RF already presented some contributions for ITRs review, including contributions 3, 9, 22 of CWG-WCIT12.

We propose our further considerations for ITRs review taking into account results of WTDC-10 and PP-10.

Proposals for consideration:

1. Further considerations for basic directions for ITRs review (Annex 1).

2. Proposals for action in reply for SG2 ITU-T Incoming liaison statement: Numbering misuse and fraud incidence (Annex 2).


There are following issues for consideration for inclusion at ITRs in addition to contributions CWG-WCIT-12 numbers 3, 9 and 22 of the Russian Federation.


Possible solutions

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