Extracts of Council Summary Records

The Review of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) was discussed during the 8th and 10th plenary sessions of Council 2009. The Summary Records of those sessions were published as documents C09/119 and C09/121. The sections related to the ITRs are reproduced below.

Document C09/119

1 Review of the International Telecommunication Regulations (Documents C09/6, C09/65, C09/78)

1.1 The representative of TSB introduced Document C09/6, which was the final report of the Expert Group established under Resolution 146 (Antalya, 2006).

1.2 The observer from the Syrian Arab Republic, introducing Document C09/65, said that his administration proposed that the Council adopt a draft resolution on preparations for the world conference on international telecommunications (WCIT) with a view to setting up a preparatory committee for WCIT-12.

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