[GHA] Proposals for the work of the conference

ADD GHA/30/1


To review the ITRs more regularly

The World Conference on International Telecommunications (Dubai, 2012),


a) that the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) is one of the pillars supporting the ITU’s mission;

b) that 24 years passed between the approval of the ITRs and its review at this conference;

c) that the ITRs consists of high level guiding principles that should not require frequent amendment but in the fast moving sector of telecommunications/ICTs need to be more regularly reviewed,

further recognising

a) that the Radio Regulations (RRs) define:

i. the allocation of different radio services

ii. the mandatory technical parameters to be observed by radio station especially transmitters

iii. procedure for coordination and notification of frequency assignments among other

iv. the use of the satellite orbits

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