Report of the SG3RG-AO ad hoc group on ITRs

It was agreed to submit this document to CWG-WCIT and to SG3, as contributions from SG3RG-AO (Ref.: .TD 76 (PLEN/AO))

During an open discussion, the following were identified as topics to consider for the revision of the ITRs:

1. The proposals from SG3RG-AFR are generally supported.

2. Detailed operational provisions such as deadlines for settlements of accounts or payments should not be included in the revised ITRs.

3. Competition issues, including definition of significant market power at the international level and its abuse

4. The taxation provision should be clarified to avoid double taxation.

5. Calling party identification should be transmitted internationally.

6. A definition of hubbing and other modern traffic exchange mechanisms should be added to the ITRs.

7. Ensuring prompt payments to creditors

8. The topics of cybersecurity, cybercrime and combating spam should be included in the new ITRs.

9. Protecting consumers against shocking bills, in particular regarding mobile roaming.

10. Voice over IP services, in particular termination rates for such services

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