Report of the SG3RG-LAC ad hoc group on the International Telecommunication regulations (ITRs)

This document presents some initial preliminary thinking of the SG3RG-LAC. It will be further studied and modified through online discussions. The document is submitted to SG3 and to CWG-WCIT12 for information only. The proposals should not be considered to be agreed proposals from SG3RG-LAC.

Economic and policy issues are covered by various provisions in the 1988 version of the ITRs, in particular in Article 6 and Appendix I. These provisions are difficult to apply in the current liberalized and privatized telecommunications environment.

The new ITRs should take into account the differences in negotiating power between commercial operators and the very different needs of the ITU Member States, in particular the differences between developed and developing countries.

It is proposed to replace Article 6 of the ITRs with the following new article, and to abrogate Appendix I.

6. Economic and policy issues

1. Member States shall ensure transparency with respect to retail and wholesale prices, costs, and quality of service.

2. Member States should foster continued investment in high-bandwidth infrastructures.

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