Proposals to revise the ITRs

At its 8-9 July 2010 meeting in Santo Domingo, the Study Group 2 Regional Group for Latin America and the Caribbean (SG3RG-LAC) agreed the following points, and it agreed present these proposals, in the form of a contribution from SG3RG-LAC, to CWG-WCIT:

1. Topics that have been discussed in Conferences, Assemblies or ITU-T Study Groups and that have been agreed in the form of Resolutions or Recommendations should be taken into account when revising the ITRs.

2. Article 6.1.3 should be revised so that it clearly prohibits double taxation. The SG3RG-AFR proposal is acceptable, namely that the article should read: “Countries are free to levy fiscal taxes on international telecommunications services in accordance with their national laws, but international double taxation must be avoided”.

However, the exact wording of this clause should be further studied, in particular in order to ensure that the ability to tax different operators in different countries is not affected.

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