Transfer of powers: Republic of the Marshall Islands to United States of America


The United States will hold the Marshall Islands vote at the conference.


On 15 November, the ITU warned 17 states that they would not have a vote if they did not pay their annual fees. The Marshall Islands was one of them. That the United States immediately arranged to pick up the vote shows that there is a concern that the conference may at some point come down to a tight vote.

The Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands has informed me that the delegation of the United States of America is fully empowered to represent the Republic of the Marshall Islands without restrictions from 3 December 2012 until the end of the Conference and to sign the Final Acts on its behalf pursuant to No. 335 of the ITU Convention.

The instrument for the transfer of powers has been deposited with the Secretary-General.

Dr Hamadoun I. TOURÉ

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