Comments on draft report of 25 January 2010 meeting

SG3RG-AFR has examined the draft report of the 25 January 2010 meeting of the CWG-WCIT12 and it fully supports the proposals contained in 6 and 7 of that report. In particular, SG3RG-AFR agrees that CWG-WCIT12 should meet as proposed, and that Council 2010 should fix the dates for the WCIT as proposed (immediately after WTSA-12), and that Council 2010 should adopt the agenda of the WCIT as proposed in the Report, but with the modifications proposed in CWG-WCIT Contribution 11.

Further, SG3RG-AFR believes that Study Group 3 should be invited to submit contributions to CWG-WCIT12, but those contributions should reflect the results of all discussions, with possible reflection of parties' positions, without necessarily reflecting a consensus view. This approach would be consistent with number 6 of CWG-WCIT12’s Terms of Reference as defined in Council Resolution 1312.

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