Proposals to revise the ITRs

SG3RG-AFR proposes that the draft revisions contained in the final report of the Expert Group to Review the ITRs (ITR-EG) be accepted by CWG-WCIT and by WCIT12, so that the ITRs are revised in accordance with the views of the majority of ITU Member States.

However, in light of the continuing development of hubbing, and the decreasing use of traditional settlement of telecommunications accounts, SG3RG-AFR proposes that all articles of the ITRs that deal with accounting be deleted, provided that appropriate articles are added to ensure that Member States implement national legislation that ensures that operators transmit calling party identification. Indeed, it is essential to ensure transparency and to combat the misuse of numbering resources. Further, it is essential to ensure that small operators in developing countries are protected against abuse of significant market power by major international operators, so a new article to this effect would have to be adopted. Thus a new article 6.x forms an integral part of this proposal.

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