Corrections to Council Resolution 1312


The United States wishes to inform Council Working Group WCIT12 that it will bring to Counci10’s attention that Resolution 1312 is inconsistent with established ITU procedures and practices and that corrections should be made. The United States’ proposed corrections to Council10 regarding Resolution 1312 are described below.


The United States believes that Resolution 1312 contains certain procedural irregularities that must be corrected to bring it into conformity with established ITU procedures and practices. It is a well settled ITU practice that Working Groups established by the ITU Council report their outcomes to the ITU Council. Accordingly, the text of Resolution 1312 in resolves 3, 4 and 5 should be changed, as described below, to reflect that Council Working Group-WCIT12 (the Group) should report to Council 2010 as the entity that created it, and not directly to the 2010 Plenipotentiary. It is anticipated that, in response to the WCIT12 report, Council itself will report to the Plenipotentiary on these issues.

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