WCIT 2012 Preparation


The Radio Regulations (RR) and International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) are the two Administrative Regulations of the Union. Unlike the RR, the provisions of the ITRs have remained unchanged since their adoption at the 1988 World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference (WATTC-88). Despite past reviews of the ITRs provisions by various Council Experts Groups and most recently by the Expert Group pursuant to PP Resolution 146 (Antalya, 2006), there has not been any concerted effort to examine the purpose and need for the ITRs in light of dramatic changes in the telecommunications sector.


The United States welcomes the preparatory work undertaken by the Council Working Group in advance of the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT12), which will examine whether revisions to the provisions of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) are necessary.

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