[RCC] Common proposals for the work of the conference

NOC RCC/14A1/1


NOC RCC/14A1/2


Reasons: Name of the ITRs and title of the Preamble remain unchanged.

MOD RCC/14A1/3

1 While the sovereign right of each country to regulate its telecommunications is fully recognized, the provisions of the present International Telecommunication Regulations (hereinafter “Regulations”) supplement the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union, with a view to attaining the purposes of the International Telecommunication Union in promoting the development of telecommunication services and their most efficient operation while harmonizing the development of facilities for world-wide telecommunications.

NOC RCC/14A1/4

Article 1

Purpose and Scope of the Regulations

Reasons: Title of the article remains unchanged.

MOD RCC/14A1/5

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