Structure of the report to the WCIT-12

Taking into account discussions at the 25 January 2010 meeting, and section 10 of the report of that meeting, and referring to Contribution 5 from the Arab States, Syria, on behalf of the Arab States, proposes that the group’s report to WCIT-12 be structured as follows:

1. Introduction

2. The need for revision of the ITRs (this covers abrogation, modifications, and new provisions, including titles of articles)

3. Summary of the work of the ITR-EG and of the CWG-WCIT12

4. Main issues considered by the CWG-WCIT and possibly relevant Study Groups in accordance with their mandate

4.1 Basic provisions of the ITRs (Articles 1, 2, 7 and 8; Resolutions 1, 2 and 4-7 and Recommendations 1 and 2 of WATTC-88; and new issues on this subject)

4.2 International telecommunication services (Articles 3 and 4; and Resolution 8 of WATTC-88; and new issues on this subject)

4.3 Misuse of numbering resources, including calling party number delivery

4.4 Misappropriation of numbering resources

4.5 Security and safety in the context of ICT usage (Article 5; and new issues on this subject)

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