Proposals on working methods of the final CWG-WCIT12 meeting


Supporting the previous activity of the Council Working Group to prepare for the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications (CWG-WCIT 12) and considering it very important to finalize its work successfully, the Russian Federation proposes working methods of the final CWG-WCIT 12 meeting.

Preparation for the WCIT-12 is conducted in accordance with ITU Council Resolution 1312 as well as under the decision of the Resolution 171 of ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2010, where the CWG tasks inter alia include the following:

- to prepare a final report, based on, and consolidating, inputs and reports from all preparatory activities, including regional preparatory meetings, that presents all options and views for WCIT-12, four months prior to WCIT in order for Member States, and in particular developing countries, to prepare for WCIT-12,

At the final meeting of the CWG-WCIT 12, three documents among others are proposed for consideration:

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