Contributions of organizations of an international character and sector members to the expenses of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12)

Note by the Secretary-General

No. 476 of the Convention of the International Telecommunication Union provides that:

4 1) The organizations referred to in Nos. 269A to 269E of this Convention and other organizations also specified in Chapter II thereof (unless they have been exempted by the Council, subject to reciprocity) and Sector Members referred to in No. 230 of this Convention which participate, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention, in a plenipotentiary conference, in a conference, assembly or meeting of a Sector of the Union, or in a world conference on international telecommunications, shall share in defraying the expenses of the conferences, assemblies and meetings in which they participate on the basis of the cost of these conferences and meetings and in accordance with the Financial Regulations. Nevertheless, Sector Members will not be charged separately for their attendance at a conference, assembly or meeting of their respective Sectors, except in the case of regional radiocommunication conferences.

Article 7.5 of the Financial Regulations stipulates that:

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