Comments on document CWG-WCIT12/TD-64

Note: Since this document is especially complex, involving not only the use of crossed-through text, comment and replacement text, but also different colored highlighted text, in-depth understanding of its contents may only be possible through review of a PDF of the document available here and linked to at the bottom of the page.

This contribution presents the comments of the Administration of the Russian Federation on Document TD-64 (highlighted in green).

Editorial Note: This document represents the differing views expressed during the discussion in CWG-WCIT of the Compilation of proposals, with a view towards reconciling the differences in approaches. (See no. 7 of the group’s Terms of Reference, Annex 1 of Council Resolution 1312.)

The views are shown as draft revisions of selected articles of the ITRs. Other options and views are found in the Compilation of proposals, TD-62 (the previous version of the compilation of proposals is found in TD 52 Rev.2).

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