SAMENA Submittal on the Proposed Amendments to the ITRs Treaty

The SAMENA Telecommunications Council (SAMENA Council) is privileged by the opportunity to present its viewpoint to the Council Working Group (CWG) on the proposed amendments to the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs).

About SAMENA Council

The SAMENA Telecommunications Council is a tri-regional, non-profit telecommunications association that represents over 40 telecommunications operators in 25 markets. SAMENA Council’s membership embodies a community of telecom operators, technology providers and manufacturers, government bodies, academia, and leading global management consultancy organizations. SAMENA’s Board of Directors and member companies include the largest regional operators and global multi-network operators as well as new competitive entrants. SAMENA focuses on digitization and broadband investment policies, and aims to promote beneficial regulation and governance that further industry evolution, as well as encourage cooperation among key ICT industry stakeholders.

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