Draft Resolution on the agenda for the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012

RESOLUTION XXX (Council 2010)

Agenda for the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012

The ITU Council 2010 (Geneva, 2007),


a) that, in accordance with No. 146 of the ITU Constitution, a world conference on international telecommunications may partially, or in exceptional cases, completely revise the International Telecommunication Regulations and may deal with any question of a worldwide character within its competence and related to its agenda.

b)that pursuant to No. 147of the Same Constitution, decisions of world conferences on international telecommunica­tions shall in all circumstances be in conformity with this Constitution and the Convention. When adopting resolutions and decisions, the con­ferences shall take into account the foreseeable financial implications and should avoid adopting resolutions and decisions which might give rise to expenditure in excess of the financial limits laid down by the Plenipotentiary Conference


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