CEPT comments on CWG-WCIT12/TD-64 (Anticipated final draft of the future ITRs)

Note: Since this document is especially complex, involving not only the use of crossed-through text, comment and replacement text, but also different colored highlighted text, in-depth understanding of its contents may only be possible through review of a PDF of the document available here and linked to at the bottom of the page.

This submission was developed by CEPT in a preparatory meeting to the WCIT 2012 in which 21 Member States have participated.

CEPT notes there is an inconsistency in the way reasoning provided by Member States / regional associations to sustain their proposals / positions are reflected in TD64.

If the CWG WCIT-12 decides to include justifications provided by Member States / regional associations in the final version of TD 64, CEPT will insist to include all of them or none.

In any case, if reasons are included only those justifying the proposal should be included in the text, not commentary.

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