Proposal on third draft of the future ITRs

Note: Since this document is especially complex, involving not only the use of crossed-through text, comment and replacement text, but also different colored highlighted text, in-depth understanding of its contents may only be possible through review of a PDF of the document available here and linked to at the bottom of the page.

During the 2nd meeting of the Arab States for the preparation of the WCIT-12, Doc. TD 54-Rev2 resulting from the CWG-WCIT12 seventh meeting in April 2012 was discussed and examined by the Arab Group with a view towards reconciling the differences in approaches.

As result of this examination and discussion and taking into account the various proposals of other Regional Groups (APT, ATU, CEPT, CITEL, RCC, etc.) and other membership; the following views and Modification of the ITRs provisions were endorsed by the meeting with the aim to reflect the Arab Region interests and at the same time converge with other membership proposals.

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