Proposals for WCIT12 Report preparation

Note: this is a revised version of the contribution. The original was sent on 21 December 2009.


The International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) is one of the instruments of the Union - the Administrative Regulations, which regulate the use of telecommunications and shall be binding on all Member States (CS/29 and CS/31).

A World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) may partially, or in exceptional cases, completely revise the ITR and may deal with any question of a worldwide character within its competence and related to its agenda (CS/146).

The provisions for the convening of, the adoption of the agenda, and the participation in a World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) shall, as appropriate, equally apply to world conferences on international telecommunication (CV/49).

Resolution 146 (PP-06, Antalya, 2006) resolved:

1 that a review of the ITRs should be carried out;

2 that ITU-T should undertake a review of the existing ITRs, engaging with the other Sectors as may be required, with ITU-T as the focal point;

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