Agenda of the Conference

  1. Opening
  2. Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen
  3. Other administrative issues including requests for participation received from international organizations, observers, etc.
  4. Discussion and decisions regarding the structure of the Conference
  5. Introduction of the Report of the preparatory process
  6. Examination of the outputs of the preparatory process
  7. Examination of proposals from Member States
  8. Discussion of the proposed revisions to the ITRs, as appropriate
  9. Discussion of WATTC-88 Resolutions, Recommendations, and Opinion
  10. Adoption of the Final Acts of the Conference, including revised ITRs and Resolutions, Recommendations, and Opinions, as appropriate
  11. Determine the date of coming into force of the Final Acts of the Conference and, if necessary, on the provisional application of certain part(s) of the Final Acts
  12. Closure (including signing ceremony)

Dr Hamadoun I. TOURÉ

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