Announced list of participants


A full list of all participants registered.

World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT‐12)
Dubai, 3‐14 December 2012
Announced list of participants
Friday 23 November 2012

C - Head of Delegation
CA - Deputy Head of delegation
A - Adviser
D - Delegate
O - Observer
PARTICIPANT - Participant

1) Member States (CV 277)

AFG Afghanistan
C H.E. Mr Amirzai SANGIN, Minister, Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT),
D Mr Khair Mohammad FAIZI, Vice Chairman, ATRA,
D Mr Agha Mohammad HAIDARI, Acting Head of Networking Departement, Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT),
D Mr Husain Bakhsh MIRZAD, Acting Director, Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT),

Sub Total: 4

ALB Albania (Republic of)
C H.E. Mr Genc POLLO, Minister for Innovation and ICT, Ministry for Innovation and ICT,
CA Mr Xhixho PIRO, Chairman, Authority of Postal and Electronic Communication,
A Mr Gjergji GJINKO, Director of the Cabinet of the Minister, Cabinet of the Minister of Innovation and ICT,

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