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4 March 2013

Announcement marks start of a busy year and changing industry

WhatBox? has announced it will use a joint collaboration of NameJet and Afternic to auction domain names under its dot-menu gTLD.

The announcement marks what will soon be an explosion in efforts to sell "premium" domain names to the highest bidder as well as encourage large businesses to register domains under certain extensions.

27 February 2013

If you have a better solution to the issue, let's hear it

Atallah: Surprised at the strong reaction to suggested contract changes.

ICANN COO Akram Atallah has responded to a wave of angry responses from the DNS industry over proposed changes to new registry contracts by asking it to "step up to the plate" and provide solutions to real problems.

Over 30 responses arrived on the last day of a public comment period on the revised contract, most of them highly critical. Key groups within the organization accused the organization of imposing top-down solutions, that the proposal contained "serious and fundamental flaws" and the revisions amounted to "nothing more than a power grab by ICANN staff".

27 February 2013

Webinar turns tables on ICANN

The companies that run much of the domain name system are pushing a contractual dispute with overseeing organization ICANN public.

In an unusual move, the Registry Stakeholder Group of ICANN (RySG), which represents all the registries currently under contract with ICANN, and the New gTLD Applicant Group (NTAG), which represents more than half of the 1,930 applications for new Internet registries, have published an invitation for a public teleconference to discuss the proposed contract changes.

Anyone interested is invited to attend the online meeting on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 1500 UTC through the address Those who wish to speak will have to call in and use the password "RY"; call-in numbers are provided on the invitation.

16 January 2013

16 January 2013

In May 2012, the Whois Review Team delivered its final report to the ICANN board with a real sense of achievement.

As the system for providing details about who is in charge of any given Internet domain name, the Whois is critical to the proper functioning the domain name system. As such, it is one of four issues highlighted for independent review under ICANN’s deal with the US Government, the Affirmation of Commitments.

Every three years, a cross-community team has to look at the extent to which ICANN’s Whois policy and implementation are effective, meet the legitimate needs of law enforcement and promote consumer trust.

Despite being an apparently inoffensive directory of contact details, Whois has proved one of the most intractable and divisive issues within the ICANN community for more than a decade. The reason why is due to the different interests rolled up within Whois, and how these interact with ICANN’s power dynamics.

12 October 2012
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Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon talks RAA, the Trademark Clearinghouse and the problem of registrar on-boarding that hasn't been addressed.


"Hell yes. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Totally." As Ireland's largest registrar, Blacknight will be going to the ICANN Toronto meeting focused not on new gTLDs but the revised contract that all registrars sign with ICANN.

We spoke to Blacknight's CEO Michele Neylon who walked us through why the RAA revision process has been so contentious and what the current sticking points are. "If law enforcement and the GAC are willing to accept that they have got a lot of what asked for, but are not going to get the rest now" then the issue may finally be resolved, Michele notes.

The issue is all about checks and validation - something that the facts show cause businesses to avoid registering domains. But validation doesn’t necessarily bring greater security, he argues. On top of that are concerns that data retention rules mean that Blacknight would literally have to break the law.

23 July 2012

Stéphane Van Gelder: Thank you very much. Welcome everyone to this Council call on July the 20, 2012. And we have apologies from Wolf. He will be absent on this call.

Jeff Neuman will only be able to be with us for the first 30 minutes. So and that’s why we’re trying to start as soon as we can.

And Mason Cole will not have Internet access. So Mason if you’re on the line and you need to ask questions please just speak up so that I know that you need to be counted in the queue.

[Roll call]

Stéphane Van Gelder: Thanks Glen. And just for the record I will note that I am also present. And come to any statement of interest updates?

Hearing no updates, any calls to review or amend the agenda please?

Thomas Rickert: Would it make sense to discuss the defensive registration subject and the IOC debate while Jeff is on the call? This is (Thomas) sorry. Jeff would you like that?

Jeff Neuman: This is Jeff. That’s fine. I mean I can listen to the recording but if you guys want to do that that’d be great.

15 April 2012

Coordinator: The recording has now started. Please go ahead.

Glen de Saint Gery: Thank you very much. I'll do the roll call for you, Stéphane.

Stéphane van Gelder: Thanks.

Glen de Saint Gery: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone. This is the Council call on the 12th of April. Jeff Neuman.

Jeff Neuman: Present.

Glen de Saint Gery: Ching Chiao.

Ching Chiao: I’m here.

Glen de Saint Gery: Jonathan Robinson. Mason Cole.

Mason Cole: Here.

Glen de Saint Gery: Stéphane van Gelder.

Stéphane van Gelder: Yes.

Glen de Saint Gery: Thomas Rickert.

Thomas Rickert: Present.

Glen de Saint Gery: We have apologies from Yoav Keren and he has given his proxy to Stéphane van Gelder.

Zahid Jamil.

Zahid Jamil: Here.

Glen de Saint Gery: John Berard.

John Berard: Here.

31 March 2012
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The following presentation was given at a special session on Rights Protection Mechanisms at ICANN's Costa Rica meeting on 14 March 2012. See a full summary of that session. (Download slides)


  • Background on new rights protection mechanisms
  • Trademark Clearinghouse
  • URS


  • New gTLD Program founded in GNSO policy recommendations
  • GNSO Recommendation 3: Strings must not infringe the existing legal rights of others that are recognized or enforceable under generally accepted and internationally recognized principles of law.

Development of the RPMs

Rights Protections Mechanisms

New requirements

  • At start-up:
27 March 2012

The following model for evaluating how valid a domain name's registrant details are likely to be was presented by the UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) to a session on Whois validation at ICANN Costa Rica (March 2012).

During that meeting - which .Nxt has summarized in full - the 'Five C's' model was highlighted by GoDaddy's James Bladel as "the most helpful five minutes I've seen on this whole topic in two years."

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