Every ITR change at the click of a button

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Track progress at WCIT in real-time and with the actual words

Starting today and running through to the end of the WCIT conference on 14 December, .Nxt will be making every proposed change to the International Telecommunication Regulations accessible with a single mouse-click.

With hundreds of changes (we count 908 so far) spread across dozens of documents, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to make sense of what the substantive changes are that will be discussed at the WCIT conference starting on Monday, 3 December 2012. Even if you have the documents, which come in Word doc or PDF format.

So we have inputted every proposed change into a database and broken them out by article in the ITRs, including the many new proposed articles.

We have a single webpage listing every article and sub-article, with very brief descriptions next to each to add navigation and a hyperlink to dedicated webpages with the words available on the page in HTML format.

We have also added a dropdown menu to the front page and every other page on .Nxt's news site to allow for single-click access to each article/sub-article.

Every individual change is identified by its code (e.g. AUS/17/18) and is linked to a specific webpage for that change where full information on the proposal itself is available, including a link back to the originating contribution for each change.

As the conference progresses, and proposals are boiled down and put first to committee and then the main plenary, our intent is to track all the changes and update all pages in real-time so everyone is able to see exactly what is being discussed and proposed through the lifetime of the conference.

By contrast, the official tracking page for the conference, only provides article, rather than sub-article, breakdowns, does not list proposals side-by-side, and requires a log-in to its TIES system and a file to be downloaded and opened before the change can be seen.

The .Nxt will display all relevant information on individual and static webpages, constantly updated, in simple text. Our hope is that this will simplify the process as well as improve understanding and making tracking of the conference far easier. All that is required is simple, fast and free registration to the site.

Request for resources and volunteers

.Nxt does not have the funds or resources possessed by the ITU, or any of the member states, or even sector members, that will be represented in Dubai. As such, we would welcome any offers of help, financial or human.

If you wish to support .Nxt's effort financially, please consider becoming a member. If you are able to volunteer your time, please contact us at count-me-in@dot-nxt.com.